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Ground Duty Responsibilities

The club decided at the AGM that each team (or age group for SSG teams) would staff the canteen on Saturdays for the whole day rather than trying to line up different teams with different time slots each week. This will be easier to manage and hand out the duties. Most teams will only do the Canteen two or three times throughout the year on the busiest days when the Hubs are at our ground. Friday night and Sunday morning Canteen duties will be carried out by the teams playing at that time.

What’s involved????

If there is an SSG Hub at home that age group is expected to set up the SSG fields (ie put up nets and corner posts on all SSG fields, garbage bin over the back, and near the light pole). Need to get to the ground at 7:30am

The first Comp team to play will set up the main field (ie put up nets and corner posts on the main field, garbage bin on West side). Need to get to ground by 7:45am.

The Duty team, or age group, will be responsible for:

Staffing the canteen from 7:30am

Staffing the BBQ from 8:00am

Providing a Chief Ground Marshal from 7:30am


  • Turn on the zip boil and pie oven ASAP
  • Check and fill up stocks of drinks and lollies, put pies & sausage rolls in the pie oven
  • Check and restock “consumables” in the toilets
  • Check the float. Keep a record on the canteen takings sheet.
  • Start serving. Generally two people are required once things get started, but only 1 to set up.
  • If you need to send someone out to buy something the money in the till can be used but the Receipt MUST BE kept and put in the till.
  • At the end of the morning clean up and count the till. Fill in the canteen takings sheet. 2 people are required to be in attendance when counting takings. A committee member will arrange to collect takings at completion of day.
  • Refill stocks for the next lucky people. Fill in the note book if anything needs to be purchased, or notes for Haley Smart(our canteen coordinator)
  • Empty bin into the Theiss bin

Haley is organising for relevant canteen information to be displayed in canteen to help with running of the days. You will find instructions on all tasks plus price lists and where to find important “stuff” on our new notice board.




  • We will only run the BBQ on our busiest days. We sell plenty of B&E Rolls and Sausage sambos. Normally only one person is required. Depending on number of games to be played, we may decide to just sell pies and sausage rolls from canteen, but most game days we (and parents and players) like to see the BBQ in action.
  • Set up the Gazebo if it looks like it will be wet. It’s in the Container and will require 4 people to set up.
  • Check the gas at the start of the day. Run up to the Servo for a gas bottle change over if required. Use the cash from the till but BRING BACK THE RECIEPT


  • The team playing at the time needs to provide a ground marshal (someone wearing a vest) for that game. On the main field there should be 2 people inside the fenced area patrolling the perimeter. There should also be a vest amongst the SSG fields.
  • The following is an extract from the FSC By-Laws

1.12.1 It is the Home Teams’ responsibility to appoint a Ground Marshall. He/ She must wear the Official Fluoro coloured vest and be generally in charge of the affairs of the ground. It is the responsibility of the visiting team to report any problems they may have (other than the referee) to the Ground Marshall.
1.12.2 The Ground Marshall shall be over the age of 18 Years and shall not be a Coach or Manager of a game in progress.
1.12.3 The Ground Marshall shall circulate around the ground(s) to ensure that he/she is apparent to all present.
1.12.4 When Competition games of U/15 and above are played, two ground marshals shall patrol the playing fields, inside the fence line on both sides of the ground and where unfenced they patrol either sideline of the ground.
1.12.5 All persons at the ground will abide by any requests made by the Ground Marshall.
1.12.6 In the event of a dispute, improper conduct, or foul & abusive language by any persons at the ground, then any requests made by the Ground Marshall shall be final and complied with immediately.
1.12.7 Reports of misconduct found by the Ground Marshall shall be in writing in the appropriate Incident Report Book (found in our canteen) to the Association and shall be actioned by the Board within 7 days of the incident.
1.12.8 All clubs will ensure that their Club Officials and members are made fully aware of the jurisdiction of the Ground Marshall and that his/her request be complied with.
1.12.9 Reports of improper behaviour by a Ground Marshall shall be made in writing in the appropriate Incident Report Book to the Association and shall be actioned by the Board within 7 days of the reported incident.


  • At Russell Vale this means……
  • The Chief Ground Marshal is posted near the canteen at the sign in area. They need to understand the draw and the field locations. Need to know where to point people when they turn up and don’t know where to go 2 mins before kick-off. It’s when most of the SSG players actually turn up.
  • TEAM Sheets are kept in the canteen. The ones for SSG are different to the Comp teams.
  • Check the team sheets are filled in AND SIGNED OFF. Clubs get fined when team sheets are submitted so we should help out all clubs (even Balgownie) and save them a bit of money.
  • About 10 mins before the Comp game kicks off get the teams to assemble at the signoff table. Invite both managers to witness the card check for both teams. Check each player has a card, matches the photo, and matches the shirt number. This is very important if there is a send-off, or an incident.
  • Speaking of incidents it is also imperative that the Chief Ground Marshal knows what to do if a complaint is made. There is an incident book in the canteen. This must be filled in and notify a Committee member. This is a really useful tool to settle down an awkward situation. If anyone comes to you with a complaint, get them to write it down and get it off their chest. Also follow up to make sure everyone is OK, and if there are two parties involved invite the second party to put their side of the story in another incident report. Again, get a Committee member to help out. This is often enough to diffuse a heated situation. If you need them there is a copy of the FSC by Laws in the Canteen.
    If the Referee, or more likely linesman, don’t turn up then you need to arrange them. Give the Away team the option to fill the vacancy first, then the home team second.
  • PAY THE REFEREES. There is a sheet in the canteen with the fees for various age groups. Fill in the receipt book, and place a copy in the canteen takings so Mr Moneybags can keep a track of the $$$.
  • Keep the originals of the Team Sheets and put with the till. A committee member will arrange to pick them up


  • SSG team to take down the SSG goals and bring the garbage bins back (empty contents into the big blue thiess bin)
  • Comp Team to take down the nets (check if the men’s are playing in the arvo, OK to leave them up then).
  • Duty team to clean up the canteen and give the sheds a sweep out.
  • Count the Canteen takings, make a note of how much is there, and forward the money to a Committee member for the Treasurer to collect.




Please remember that the kids have signed up to play soccer to have fun with their friends and to make new friends. Ensure that game time is shared evenly amongst all kids and that players get the chance to try a variety of positions. Plan to make training as enjoyable as possible along with developing their soccer skills. There is a free Grass Roots coaching course on the 10th March that the Club highly recommends for coaches and managers to attend.



Assist coach where necessary at training (where possible) and on game days. Game day management involves filling out official FSC team sheets when you arrive at the ground for the game and also helping out with interchange of players, jersey distribution and collection. When it is your teams turn for ground duties at our home ground, it is important for the manager to organise parents into a roster so that all parents are contributing to the effective running of the day. Give the parents a week or two notice to ensure they can organise themselves to be in attendance. Do not leave organising this until the morning of the day otherwise you may not get the required help!!!! Check website for any updates or changes to draw and communicate with players/ parents if grounds are closed for playing or training.


Have fun and listen to the coach and manager!! Respect your team mates and opposition and enjoy playing the world game!!


Let your child have fun and enjoy playing with their friends. Positively encourage them and opposition players and do not be too critical off them during or after games. Remember there is not too many little Harry Kewell’s running around in junior games around the country. Respect skill levels of all players in your children’s teams. Do not criticise referees decisions- we all make mistakes, and yelling out from sidelines will not change a decision!!  Ensure you arrive at training and games on time and ask the coach and manager how you can help out.


When in doubt, check the website out!! Our website is one of the best in the FSC footballing fraternity and is regularly updated with Club and Team information (Team draws) along with FSC by laws. You will also find links to other useful websites such as Football South Coast (FSC), Professional training, club sponsors and also council grounds website. The link to the council grounds website is very important as it details if grounds are open or closed. As a general rule if it has been raining check this information because if grounds are closed- training or games will be cancelled. Our website details are


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